2018 – busy with boreholes and soil surveys!

2018 – busy with boreholes and soil surveys! The highlights so far are:

7 thermal response tests from locations from London to Orkney. These have been performed with equipment with capability for testing closed-loop GSHP boreholes of up to 250m depth.

Successfully drilled and licensed 2 water supply boreholes, and are about to embark on two more in London and Shropshire.
A large project to complete the testing on an open-loop GSHP system that will provide 1MW of heating

We are about to move forward with detailed design for a large river-abstraction project to provide 1MW of heating via a water-source-heat-pump to a County Council building

Field surveys for measurement of soil thermal conductivity at 15 locations, again all over England, Wales and Scotland. Many of these are for large polytunnel fruit growers looking to install GSHP heating systems in preference to out-of-favour biomass heating.

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