Calypso Soft Drinks and Cott Beverages have used the services of Carbon Zero in Water Resource Management, Treatment and Field Services as the preferred supplier for a number of years. Bob Lancaster, Technical Manager at Calypso Soft Drinks (Cott Group) confirm:

‘Carbon Zero Consulting have always provided quality advice, information and solutions.’

Vaillant, Belper – CZC conducted a 1 day detailed training course to the Vaillant sales team to teach them the detailed workings of closed loop and open loop ground heat exchange design.

Vaillant thank Carbon Zero Consulting for delivering a very in depth and knowledgeable training course on the various aspects of geology inc open loop applications. Understanding the external source options at a high technical level will support our roles in specifying ground source heat pumps and this was achieved during our training day.’

Nirvana Spa, Berkshire – CZC carried out a viability assessment, designed and constructed the borehole, set up the water treatment system, and continue to manage the spas groundwater assets today.

Ten years ago, Nirvana Spa; The UK’s leading day Spa, replaced its mains water supply with groundwater taken from boreholes designed by John. The borehole system has paid for itself many times over and the quality of water for bathing, drinking and spa treatments is an ongoing pleasure for all guests. The borehole not only saves money but also saves energy and adds to the sustainability of the spa by using water produced on-site rather than from a remote treatment plant. Water is taken from the chalk aquifer at a depth of over 100m providing a long term, safe source of ‘mineral’ water. Nirvana has a licence to abstract 100% of their daily water requirement meaning freedom from the impact of water company price hikes and drought orders! There is even future potential to use the borehole water supply for a renewable energy heating system – saving more money and reducing carbon emissions.’

Lydney Estate, Gloucestershire – CZC carried out an assessment of the water quality and completed a new borehole for the estate.

‘Carbon Zero Consulting carried out a thorough review of an extensive private water supply network, testing the water quality, identifying areas for improvement, recommending appropriate remedial works and eventually completing a risk assessment as required by the District Council to comply with the PrivateWater Supply Regulations. Carbon Zero Consulting provide a thorough, professional service. They dealt with all aspects of commissioning a borehole from reviewing the viability of the site, obtaining any necessary consents, identifying an appropriate contractor, supervising the works and full testing of the supply once the borehole was successfully commissioned.’ – Robert Frankton, Smiths Gore Rural Property Advisors