Thermal Response Testing

Carbon Zero Consulting operates a specially packaged, highly portable thermal response test (TRT) system for access to tricky or ‘tight’ borehole drilling sites.

A TRT provides in-situ measurement of site specific thermal properties of the ground into which a closed loop system is being installed. The measured values derived from a TRT are used to calibrate a design model and confirm the number (and depth) of boreholes required to meet your building heating/cooling requirements.

Testing might be completed in a pilot borehole prior to project commencement, or whilst the array boreholes are being drilled. In the latter case we are able to quickly update desk study design calculations and confirm total numbers of boreholes.

Good TRT practice requires accurate measurement and logging of flow and temperature to and from the test borehole. A reliable and consistent source of power (heat) must be available. We provide a suitable generator and fuel supply to allow testing for up to 72 hours.

Interpretation of the thermal response test is as important as acquiring good data. An experienced eye is required to identify when and where data is valid. We always aim to process and interpret the test data within 24 hours of test completion to provide our client with a reliable value for formation thermal conductivity and borehole resistance.