GSHC Viability and Design

Ground source heat pumps have the potential to provide a vast and sustainable source of renewable heating and cooling to the UK – but only with appropriate design by suitably qualified and experienced companies. For more information of different heat pump systems click here.

Carbon Zero Consulting has over 15 years experience of design and installation of ground source heating and cooling systems with involvement with system scale ranging from domestic to the largest commercial . Combined with our expertise in water management and borehole design, we are perfectly placed to provide the right level of technical and design service.

We provide services at every stage of a GSHC project and we can manage your whole project:

Viability assessment – the ‘Georeport’

Our involvement often starts with an initial chat on the telephone. We are happy to talk through options and pros & cons of available renewable heat technologies. We are not lawyers – so we don’t charge for a chat!

Our first formal design stage is a domestic or commercial ‘Georeport‘. Typically a Georeport will be a ‘desk-top’ assessment of geology, potential for open loop, drilling risks and rock thermal properties (for closed loop). We use initial building heating and cooling requirements to provide a first pass design of the number, depth and specification of boreholes or trenches needed to ensure sustainable ground heat exchange capacity for your building. At this stage we can also provide budget project costs. Our Georeport often accompanies other tender documentation to obtain formal quotes from drilling contractors or system installers, as well as advice on reliable contractors in your area.

System Design

Once decisions have been made to proceed with a particular GSHC design, we provide borehole design and system modelling expertise required to ensure the ground source system matches the building’s long term heating and cooling characteristics. This input includes;

  • Modelling of building heat loss (and gain) characteristics
  • Hydrogeology and borehole design for open loop systems
  • Closed loop borehole array; design and modelling
  • Update of ‘desktop’ designs using in-situ measurements from a TRT or soil survey
  • Regulatory requirements; we provide you with all the technical input to meet the Regulator’s specific needs – generally for open loop systems.
  • Drafting of design documentation and engineering drawings

This detailed design process ensures you get a reliable and efficient heating system. Furthermore, we also assess and check installers/ drillers work to ensure robustness of the undertaken work.

Design surveys and system testing

For closed loop systems we provide Thermal Response Testing (TRT) for borehole schemes and Soil Thermal Conductivity surveys for horizontal schemes. See specific sections of our website for further detail.