SOS – my ground source heat pump doesn’t work!

Sadly, not all ground source heat pump systems have been designed by engineers and specialists with the same degree of experience as we have at Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd. As a result, there exist some systems that are not fit for purpose – or in some cases, blatantly wrong.

Ground source heat pump technology is relatively new to the UK, and as such the development of accepted standards, guidelines and policing of the quality of design and construction is not fully developed.

We are members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association ( and are active in the development of ‘Standards’ documents. Standards are available from the GSHPA for Vertical Closed Loop Boreholes and Thermal Piles. The Standard for Shallow Ground Source Systems will be available shortly – with Open Loop to follow.

Accreditation of designers/installers by MCS ( is of course a benefit – but there is no equivalent to MCS for large or very large schemes. MCS provides guidelines and an accreditation system for GSHP installations up to (currently) 70kW.

So, if your system is not performing as you were lead to believe, we are here to help you in the following areas;

  • Assessment of the system in terms of suitability of original design parameters
  • Examination of plant room systems and ground source installations
  • Testing of closed loop or open loop borehole system response
  • Determination of whether the original design is fit for purpose
  • Provision of design updates to improve system performance
  • Preparation of technical analysis and reports for legal proceedings (see our section on Expert Witness)