Borehole Installation

We don’t drill boreholes – but we know plenty of good companies that do! We have long-standing relationships with trustworthy drilling and test pumping contractors across the UK.

As consultants, Carbon Zero Consulting provide viability assessments and borehole designs and we also sort out all of the regulatory requirements for our client. We subsequently provide a range of site services during drilling and testing of the borehole(s).

All borehole projects are unique, but this is a summary of a typical process:

  • We provide a borehole prognosis report.
  • If this looks favourable in terms of cost, yield, quality and water availability (not all areas of the UK are open to new abstractions), then:
  • We provide an outline design and/or borehole performance specification and arrange a tender process to identify the best value, competent contractor
  • We make the required applications and perform the necessary surveys for the regulator (EA, SEPA or NRW) to obtain consent to drill and test a borehole (unless the borehole is required for less than the minimum daily volume of water – 20 cubic metres per day in England & Wales).
  • The borehole is drilled to depth and the test pumping required by the regulator is performed. We are often asked to provide field supervision services during this phase.
  • The data collected during drilling and testing is analysed and presented to the regulator as part of an application pack for an Abstraction Licence.
  • The regulator processes the application – and in the majority of cases grants the client a licence to abstract. The licensing process takes 4 – 5 months to determine.

The timeframe for a typical commercial scale borehole development project is 12 months from feasibility through to obtaining a licence to pump your new borehole. For smaller, domestic boreholes this might only be a few months.